Room:Prime Dome

From VirtualToor

Size (in m²) 1337
Seats 1000

Virtual Channel for any 20-50 minute talks related to hacking or making

This room is avaliable for Self-organized Sessions


Has event titleSessionStartDurationLocation
Opening RemarksOpening Remarks27 June 2020 12:30:0020 minPrime Dome
Microscope DemoMicroscope Demo27 June 2020 13:00:0030 minPrime Dome
Shadytel LabsShadytel Labs27 June 2020 14:00:0060 minPrime Dome
5G Quickstart5G Quickstart27 June 2020 14:30:0030 minPrime Dome
Why did my new laptop break the internet?Why did my new laptop break the internet?27 June 2020 15:00:0030 minPrime Dome
Growing a 501c3 transit ISP for privacy infrastructureGrowing a 501c3 transit ISP for privacy infrastructure27 June 2020 15:30:0060 minPrime Dome
Lab Demo Day 2: ROM Photos to Binary DumpLab Demo Day 2: ROM Photos to Binary Dump27 June 2020 16:30:0060 minPrime Dome
Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?27 June 2020 17:30:0020 minPrime Dome
Closing RemarksClosing Remarks27 June 2020 18:00:0020 minPrime Dome
Bash explode live setBash explode live set27 June 2020 21:00:0030 minPrime Dome
DJ Keith Myers & James FordDJ Keith Myers & James Ford27 June 2020 21:30:00120 minPrime Dome