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Self-organized Sessions

For VirtualToor, we're trying to make the whole event as self-organized as possible. This lets you throw out whatever crazy ideas you want to share and leave it up to the audience to decide which sessions they want to tune in to. We'll be providing some standard infrastructure for people to tune into the talks, but if you prefer to host your session over some other medium (dial-in conf line, BBS, VR, carrier pigeon, etc) that's up to you!

A self-organized session can be:

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one of the "big talks" or another topic that happened reticently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at a conference
  • ... and hey, it might even be a workshop!

Scheduling your Session

On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of VirtualToor and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

The idea is, that we will be able to provide a global workshop and talk calendar: Everyone being at the Camp is able to look at this Static:calendar and will find out what sessions are currently running.


To register your self-organized sessions just use the self-organized session form.

For now, the crucial information are
  • Name of the self-organized session (which will be used as the site name)
  • Abstract (short description, 1-3 sentences)
  • valid email address (might be used by the orga team to contact you)
The following information can also be added later
  • detailed description, it will be the main body of your session page (that's the Free text field: This field allows the usual mediawiki syntax, feel free to add URLs, pictures etc)
  • some information about the person and village performing the self-organized session
  • rough start- and end-time for the schedule
  • location


Please select a location for your self-organized Session while filling the form.

Session channels

We provide a few "Virtual Venues" for your self-organized sessions. Feel free to schedule events in these spaces or in your village channel:


All villages that have selected maybe or yes in the section "Provides location for sessions" in the village form will show up as a location. Please get in touch with the village concerned, if you want to use their location for your session.

Some villages are happy to host "external" sessions, e.g.:

  • please add your village and your topics wanted :)

Registered Self-organized Sessions

Already registered self-organized sessions are available as list or calendar. You can use the existing self-organized sessions as a reference, if you are unsure how it should look like.

The calendar is updated using the semantics feature of the self-organized sessions form and template. This may take some time, so be patient...


There are 17 registered self-organized sessions.

List of Sessions

5G QuickstartThis is a twenty-minute introduction to introduce a knowledgeable network professional to 5G.
Ansi Drink and Draw
Bash explode live setbash explode - live music set
Closing RemarksCome hear the ToorCamp organizers rant about how awesome the VirtualToor weekend went!
DJ Keith Myers & James FordKeith Myers, WhoIsJames, & Guest Stars!
Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?Ever wanted to dream a little... different? In this talk, we'll be looking at various herbs and substances that can be used to enhance dream recall and vividness, and maybe even get a good night's rest. Subjective or not, you too can lie on the beach of your dreams.
Futel Remote Testing FacilityInteract with Futel humans and machines using your PSTN or SIP telephone
Growing a 501c3 transit ISP for privacy infrastructureLearn about how to start your own 501c3 nonprofit transit ISP. Emerald Onion hosts Tor exit routers in downtown Seattle and peers with the Seattle Internet Exchange!
Lab Demo Day 2: ROM Photos to Binary DumpUsing software to analyze microscope photos of ROM and extract binary data.
Lab Demo: Reading ROM OpticallyA casual demo of decapsulating a smartcard to expose the IC, followed by imaging contents of ROM using a microscope.
Microscope DemoDemonstration of looking deep inside a chip using a microscope.
Opening RemarksCome hear the ToorCamp organizers rant about all the awesomeness going on VirtualToor weekend.
Pirate TV Like It's 1999A mix of a technical look at a buffer overflow in a smartcard from 20 years ago, and some related stories and discussion about hacking and pirate satellite TV in the past.
Shadytel LabsThe latest developments from Shadytel Labs
Synth ChatJust a chill session for talking about synths and Electronic music making.
Why did my new laptop break the internet?Let's explore a kernel memory corruption bug I accidentally discovered in a WiFi 6 router. With live demos, new bugs, and plenty of WTF :)


The following calendar shows all registered activities like mentioned above.

You can find a non-javascript version of the calendar formatted as a table on the Timetable-Page. If the session-calendar does not work on your system, this is a place to go and check out the timeslots for all events.

Has event titleSessionStartDurationLocation
Futel Remote Testing FacilityFutel Remote Testing Facility27 June 2020 12:30:001,920 minHardware Hacking Stage
Opening RemarksOpening Remarks27 June 2020 12:30:0020 minPrime Dome
Microscope DemoMicroscope Demo27 June 2020 13:00:0030 minPrime Dome
Lab Demo: Reading ROM OpticallyLab Demo: Reading ROM Optically - Day 1 - In the lab27 June 2020 14:00:00120 minHardware Hacking Stage
Shadytel LabsShadytel Labs27 June 2020 14:00:0060 minPrime Dome
5G Quickstart5G Quickstart27 June 2020 14:30:0030 minPrime Dome
Why did my new laptop break the internet?Why did my new laptop break the internet?27 June 2020 15:00:0030 minPrime Dome
Growing a 501c3 transit ISP for privacy infrastructureGrowing a 501c3 transit ISP for privacy infrastructure27 June 2020 15:30:0060 minPrime Dome
Synth ChatSynth Chat - Self-Organized Synth hangout Chat and JamSession27 June 2020 16:00:00120 minYoga Studio
Lab Demo Day 2: ROM Photos to Binary DumpLab Demo Day 2: ROM Photos to Binary Dump27 June 2020 16:30:0060 minPrime Dome
Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?27 June 2020 17:30:0020 minPrime Dome
Closing RemarksClosing Remarks27 June 2020 18:00:0020 minPrime Dome
Ansi Drink and DrawAnsi Drink and Draw27 June 2020 18:30:00150 minYoga Studio
Bash explode live setBash explode live set27 June 2020 21:00:0030 minPrime Dome
DJ Keith Myers & James FordDJ Keith Myers & James Ford27 June 2020 21:30:00120 minPrime Dome