Session:Futel Remote Testing Facility

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Description Interact with Futel humans and machines using your PSTN or SIP telephone
Type Game
Kids session
Person organizing kra
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Starts at 2020/06/27 12:30
Ends at 2020/06/28 20:30
Duration 1920 minutes
Location Room:Hardware Hacking Stage

Call in to the Futel Remote Testing Facility at (503) 676-5978.

Interact with human and machine components of the Futel network. Successful participants will earn a challenge coin. These challenge coins will not be received by the winners, but will instead be deposited into a payphone on their behalf. Top placements will be rewarded with free calls and human mediated services on the Futel network.

The facility will be operational and evaluating challenge achievements throughout ToorCamp. Trainers will staff the voice conferences from 2100-2200 daily. The roster of high achieving individuals will be announced at the end of ToorCamp. Haunts roam the wires, so be careful. All must be tested!