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This is a twenty-minute introduction to introduce a knowledgeable network professional to 5G.  +
bash explode - live music set  +
Come hear the ToorCamp organizers rant about how awesome the VirtualToor weekend went!  +
Keith Myers, WhoIsJames, & Guest Stars!  +
Ever wanted to dream a little... different? In this talk, we'll be looking at various herbs and substances that can be used to enhance dream recall and vividness, and maybe even get a good night's rest. Subjective or not, you too can lie on the beach of your dreams.  +
Interact with Futel humans and machines using your PSTN or SIP telephone  +
Learn about how to start your own 501c3 nonprofit transit ISP. Emerald Onion hosts Tor exit routers in downtown Seattle and peers with the Seattle Internet Exchange!  +
Using software to analyze microscope photos of ROM and extract binary data.  +
A casual demo of decapsulating a smartcard to expose the IC, followed by imaging contents of ROM using a microscope.  +
Demonstration of looking deep inside a chip using a microscope.  +
Come hear the ToorCamp organizers rant about all the awesomeness going on VirtualToor weekend.  +
A mix of a technical look at a buffer overflow in a smartcard from 20 years ago, and some related stories and discussion about hacking and pirate satellite TV in the past.  +
The exclusive telecommunications partner of Toorcamp  +
The latest developments from Shadytel Labs  +
An emulation of our legendary galvanic, circuit-switched service  +
Just a chill session for talking about synths and Electronic music making.  +
Let's explore a kernel memory corruption bug I accidentally discovered in a WiFi 6 router. With live demos, new bugs, and plenty of WTF :)  +